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Mobile apps

Get closer to the customers, open additional sales channels, analyze, plan, sell, purchase, assign tasks and compile reports. Do it effortlessly and quickly using smartphones and tablets.


We will develop native mobile applications that will help solve business problems and satisfy customer needs.

Functional mobile applications for iPhone or iPad will attract anyone’s attention with impeccable design, become a powerful channel for attracting paying customers, a tool for automating processes and an important competitive advantage.



We use the latest development tools to create user-friendly and efficient applications for the most popular operating system on the planet.

Android will allow you to reach a large number of users of various mobile devices and conquer promising markets in developing countries.



Xamarin, React Native and Flutter are perfect tools for developing cross-platform iOS and Android apps. With their help, the cost and development time is drastically reduced. We will create a flexible mobile application for your business that looks equally great on any device.

With 12 years behind our back, we are proud to say that our clients’ database has only been growing.
It doesn’t matter whether your company is a new startup or a large enterprise, and what stage your business or software development is at — we are ready to step in and offer a helping hand.

Our approach

It has been a long road for us over the years, from small startup to a professional and impressive team full of experienced developers working on large scale projects and in various business fields. Hence, the reason why we have a complete understanding of potential problems our clients may face.

Dedicated team

We empower your business with a strong dedicated team that will build your product from concept to full implementation

MVP development

We define an unconventional product vision for your startup by developing a Minimum Viable Product in only 3 weeks

Agile App Development

We use the latest agile development methods to ensure our high-quality apps are delivered rapidly and are flexible for continuous improvements


We use Jira and Confluence as the main project management systems, providing our clients with possibility to track the development online in real time 24/7 without any hidden work and payments


We guarantee that the project will work stably after the launch. If something happens, we will fix everything for free. We will not disappear anywhere and will always be available 24/7

Non-existent customer attrition thanks to fine-tuned approach and our company values since 2009

Better business for all

Striving to expand on our approach towards working processes and increase services quality in the IT industry

Free of charge Code Review

We are helping companies develop quality products. Code review is being carried out by Senior Development Specialist.

Free of charge specification preparation

Our BA will gather all needed information and prepare documents suitable for your needs

How we work


Right in the beginning we make sure to evaluate your product concept by thorough idea screening, business analysis and general brainstorming. At the planning stage we also estimate your project.


Design is a powerful selling tool. We create functional, fast-loading and responsive design which also has to be user friendly. In our development process we focus on specific technologies to make.

Testing&Deploy to production

Our QA Engineers perform testing after completing each milestone to ensure your product is bug free and works smoothly. With DevOps processes we deploy software to production and dev environment.


Our cooperation doesn’t end after release. We provide ongoing technical support and updates after the product release and launch.

Technology stack

Choosing contractor

You may rely on in-house developers to get your project done, maybe hire inexperienced and sloppy outsource team scattered across the globe or you can choose skilled and professional team that will carry out your project to the best standard there is.

Internal development
Inexperienced, sloppy teams scattered across the globe
Custom development
Expertise in similar projects
May not exist
As luck would have it
Dozens of similar projects
Depends on the team
Low quality: may have
to be redone
High quality: minimum
mistakes on the project, strict adherence
to deadlines, code review
Difficulties with hiring
and loading
Low qualification,
unpredictable staff
Experienced middle
and senior developers
Work speed
Ease of communication
Warranty and support
May not exist
Project cost


Up and running for 12 years

Since 2009 we’ve been bringing our client’s ideas to life by digitizing processes and automating businesses. We make sure to treat all clients equally with respect and attention paid whether it’s a private startup or big government company. We specialise not only in development but in way business works, and that’s exactly why we can help you achieve your goals in the most efficient way.


Senior level experienced specialists


Vladislav Mokrousov


15 years of experience

Ivan Sivirin

Business analyst

20 years of experience

Vladimir Yelizarov

Director of Business Development

15 years of experience

Chris Cramer

Tech lead

12 years of experience

Tasia Babicheva

Head of account management

8 years of experience

Our reviews

Reliable partner that has never let us down

Our partners recommended us Stecpoint as a reliable company and with no hesitation we decided to cooperate with them. They have been developing and supporting all our internal SharePoint-based automation since then. Over the past five years, the team delivered major projects such as Training Portal, Intellectual Property Management System and Marketing Information Portal. They also integrated corporate request functionality and performed many other different tasks for us.

Roman Rybalov,
Project manager at Kaspersky Lab

We trust StecPoint to meet deadlines and deliver
the best work possible

We’ve had a pleasure getting acquainted with some of the experts of this company and discussing our business processes with them and not long after it had been decided to use SharePoint as a platform for the new document management system. They added new functionality to the existing portal according to our agreed time frame and budget. Besides, when we realized that some additional work had to be done and there was no option for extending the deadline, they considered our request and managed to add more resources promptly.

Sergey Krohichev,
Chief of Corporate System Department at Vedis Group

Pleasure to work with such professionals

In the course of our collaboration, StecPoint has proved to be a reliable and steady partner, providing a responsive approach to the customer's needs. The operations of the team are best known for the high quality of service, immediate acceptance and execution of requests, responsible attitude to all the requirements accepted. StecPoint members have proved themselves as highly skilled professionals.

Boris Hapachev,
Vice president at PIK GROUP

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Head of account management

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