How to automate real estate business using CRM system and generate additional profit


Small and medium-sized property developers and real estate agencies working together

Client’s Problem

Property developers work with several real estate agencies and each agency with several developers but their business processes are only partly automated when it comes to working with clients. Ready-made CRMs don’t provide vast communication with other companies which complicates the exchange of data on real estate and its sales therefore slows down communication and business decision-making


  • Automate the process of selling real estate once it’s been commissioned until full transfer to the final owner
  • Create single database of premises for developers and real estate agencies
  • Exclude the possibility of double sales
  • Regularize and optimize business processes within the company


Got rid of traditional “supplier - seller” model and implemented a more flexible approach to the management of real estate within the cloud CRM system

What’s been done

  • Deployed a database for storing information about real estate
  • Set up fault-tolerant data export and import using excel tables
  • Presented information about premises in a very descriptive nature via chart with built-in filters
  • Implemented all possible scenarios of interaction between property developers and real estate agencies in the system
  • Added updated infographics and statistics
  • Connected virtual telephony
  • Implemented live feeds for the third-party trading platforms and APIs for corporate websites
  • Worked out flexible client rates


Cloud CRM system development for property developers and real estate agencies


All communication between property developers and real estate agencies are now under one roof thanks to our CRM system. Any user can act both as a supplier and as a developer at the same time, operating real estate sites regardless of their status in just one tab.

  • The CRM system is available on any device connected to the network.
  • More than 1000 legal entities are registered
  • At least 10 new applications come through every month


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