How to reduce costs and begin to control the development process at several sites using electronic portal / сloud management support system


Property development company. 20 simultaneous projects with a total area of 90 thousand square meters.

Client’s Problem

In order to monitor projects, client used different systems for document management. Management received reports on the execution of instructions, photo reports and financial documents with a delay. Often it contained irrelevant data which prevented having a clear idea about the state of the projects


  • Give company’s management a comprehensive understanding of ongoing projects status
  • Establish effective way tasks are being monitored
  • Facilitate and speed up planning


Transfer project reporting to a specialized information system designed to take into account the specifics of the client’s business processes.

What’s been done

  • Collected information about current clients projects and models of interaction between subordinates and management
  • Designed and coordinated the interface of the project portal in several iterations
  • Thought through the internal logic and deployed the core of the project portal
  • Created an electronic repository for project documentation
  • Implemented the separation of fields within the system and delimited access to information
  • Connected IP cameras to monitor construction sites
  • Launched beta version of the portal and gradually transferred management of all clients facilities there

Property Developer’s Project portal

Cloud management support system


With the help of visual graphs and an updated project summary, client’s management can quickly make important decisions

Project Portal:

  • Allows smooth planning
  • On the basis of standards and basic terms, it automatically sets intermediate goals and target dates for the work
  • Saves the history of the projects
  • Saves time for client’s employees and makes developer’s work more transparent


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