How to build collaborative consumption parking business in just 3 months


Owners of individual and/or entire parking lots, shopping and business centers and motorists who are looking for a place to park their cars.

Client’s Problem

Most of the time it’s a real struggle for a motorist to find suitable parking space for a reasonable price. Landowners are facing a different problem - not being able to rent out their parking lots for a short period of time. As a result a lot of space is simply not being used and are left empty.


  • Make searching for a parking space for a period of several hours to several months easier
  • Give individual parking and/or entire parking lots owners the opportunity to find tenants and receive additional income


Service for renting and renting out individual parking spaces that works similar to carsharing services, that allows:

  • motorists to find a parking space near the house or office and as an option only rent on weekdays, without paying extra for the weekend
  • owners of individual parking lots to rent them out and receive passive income
  • management companies and property developers to offer unclaimed parking lots for rent while them still being for sale
  • owners of large parking lots, shopping and business centers to increase the occupancy rate of paid parking lots due to the influx of new customers
  • transport infrastructure to reduce its load by using existing parking spaces

What’s been done

  • Came up with service prototype and checked the viability of the concept of the existing parking lot
  • Developed a mobile application with rent/rent out functions
  • Implemented user-friendly interface that notifies user about free car spaces and allows to set up suitable flexible rent period
  • Made a separate web-based parking management platform for owners of large parking lots and their employees
  • Designed and assembled bluetooth controllers from ready-made components for controlling gates, barriers and other parking equipment
  • Connected application to the payment system which provides secure bank transactions
  • Thought out a mechanism for resolving conflict situations and compensating in case of any inconveniences for potential users
  • Sorted out legal formalities and took on the role of a tax agent

Way to reinvent parking

Our internal development for collaborative consumption parking making renting and renting out easier


Convenient and safe algorithm that allows to conclude a lease of a car space using a mobile application. The owner of the car space registers it in the mobile application and specifies rental period.The car owner finds a suitable parking space on the city map within the application, selects a parking place, specifies rental period and proceeds with the payment. After arriving at the desired location, motorists open the barrier using a mobile application and is guided via the built-in map directly to the spot. The owner of the car space receives payment without delay and legal formalities.

  • Map of the city with a list of all available parking spaces
  • Convenient calendar for renting parking space
  • Dynamic parking map with navigation
  • The "access key" built into the application for parking spaces
  • Built-in acquiring system

After the launch we made sure to collect as much feedback as possible so we could release more than 40 updates related to changes in the client’s procedures and regulations


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