How to store and manage all personal financial information and business expenses using one app


European start up working in finance for the past few years.

Client’s Problem

Client wanted to develop an app that could capture and store all receipts and other business expenses. App should have also been able to scan and digitize credit and debit cards, bank statements so that future users could easily share those documents and information when needed. User should have an option to access his files and also edit them, not only via app but via website as well. Cross platform framework like Xamarin is most desirable.


Meet all requirements and create and app for the future user that would include all the features discussed with the client.


  • Built cloud-based expense management app that helps making expense reports easy for users
  • Offline data management at device level, allows user to upload receipt without internet connection
  • Implemented OCR scanning of uploaded receipt
  • Multiple platform data management
  • Support for 9 languages

What’s been done

  • Developed OCR scanning algorithm, with specific self-learning module with artificial intelligence.
  • Developed Web Api to communicate with cross platform devices
  • Offline data management at device level
  • Mobile and Web version support provided for 9 languages


App is successfully launched and is proving to be popular due to complex and useful OCR reading algorithm. Increased demand due to multilingual function and overall positive feedback.


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