How to create your own online local marketplace by helping others to rent and rent out virtually anything within walking distance


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Client’s Problem

Client wanted to make an online marketplace where people can rent a product from anywhere within the country. Another purpose of the client is, people can earn extra money by putting their items up for rent. There is no need to purchase goods, just rent out for the time needed. App for both Android and iOS platforms was needed.


Develop easy to use platform where one can simply start listing items that are not being used and give them a new home (at least for a bit!). Create a user friendly interface that would allow quick and easy publications. Also add geolocation services to find items nearest to you.


Developed an app that allows to upload a photo, category, price and location details of the product and also quick publish feature to all popular social networks. Any item goes up within seconds and is available to anyone around you within any preferred distance. Implement notification services so one won’t miss any potential hirer. Simple payment process without any hassle.

What’s been done

  • Developed a custom algorithm in order for all images to display properly
  • Came up with the most effective built in UI calendar
  • Complex admin panel that is capable of many management features
  • Clever messaging service for users to communicate between themselves
  • Smart filter options for price and distance to find what’s just right for you


Rento is a trusted local platform that connects people who are looking to rent specific items from those who owns and looking to earn some extra money. From surfboards to lawnmowers, Rento has become local marketplace for listing/renting and allows you to access anything in just a few quick clicks. It is a unique platform where you can list items for rent or search and hire things you need.


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