How to automate management process for marketing and competitor analysis


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Client’s Problem

Client has collected all marketing information in a simple database. It preserves the facts but does not reflect the complex relationship between them and therefore makes it difficult to find non-obvious patterns in the data. Each and even a simplest study, required company employees to undertake painstaking preliminary work on the selection and updating of information

Main aim

  • Create knowledge base that meets the needs of the marketing department of the company
  • Simplify the storage of marketing information, its analysis and updating
  • Provide convenient access to data


Expanded and increased knowledge database where information is presented while maintaining the semantic and logical connections between the facts and developed a web interface for it.

What’s been done

  • Together with the client we developed requirements for MI portal’s structure and content
  • Set up semantic search of the contents of the knowledge database including Word documents and PDF files
  • Implemented news download and insider information
  • Added a built-in player for playing sound files like news recordings
  • Built in the database elements of a social network: sorting pages by the number of "likes" and views
  • Made MI portal a part of the clients’ corporate website

Marketing Intelligence Portal

Development of a database for market research purposes


For the preparation of marketing reports, the client’s employees use the database where the facts are presented with the preservation of semantic and logical connections. Instead of manually searching and selecting the necessary ones, they collect information by clicking on the links, as if on Wikipedia. Due to this, the speed of reporting has increased and it has become more detailed and elaborated.


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