How to effortlessly sell thousands of apartments?


One of the biggest european property developers - commissioned more than 380 sites with a total area of 3.6 thousand square meters.

Client’s Problem

All customers information was stored locally, without any particular order, which made it difficult to fully automate sales. Thus it negatively affected the efficiency, speed of work and, therefore, sales. Due to business processes not being attuned, management wasn’t able to keep progress on track which prevented from rational decision making and potential company’s growth


  • Regularize and optimize business processes within the company
  • Make sales easy to control and understand
  • Provide accounting for payments as part of the business process
  • Provide updated reporting


Deployed CRM system. In order for the new processes to meet company’s key requirements, together with the client, we made sure to thoroughly learn about business processes. We came up with and agreed on technical specification and only then moved on to development.

What’s been done

  • Deployed a database for storing information about real estate
  • Added an interface for new data batch upload
  • Presented information about sites in a very descriptive nature via table with built-in filters
  • Implemented administrative functions in order to connect with third-party agencies
  • Included tools to carry out auctions in the CRM system
  • Integrated the system with a corporate website
  • Connected virtual telephony and message services
  • Set up automatic creation of 19 different types of reports

Property Developer’s CRM

Development of user friendly IT System for real estate sales automation


Easy and orderly way of real estate sale process. User chooses one or more sites from the CRM system and puts them up for sale. All real estate information is automatically published on the company's website. Customers inquiries are automatically registered in the system and all the calls go through the call center. Once the final deal is sealed and the transaction is stored in the system, it’s automatically included in the report.

  • 107 residential complexes have been added to the CRM system: 333 buildings and more than 19,000 premises
  • More than 500 calls are typically processed in the call center monthly
  • Takes less than a minute to prepare sufficient report
  • More than 20,000 auctions were conducted through the CRM system and more than 11,000 contracts were signed but the number keeps growing day by day

After the launch we made sure to collect as much feedback as possible so we could release more than 40 updates related to changes in the client’s procedures and regulations



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