How to increase the efficiency of traffic police by digitizing and automatically analyzing vast amount of papers


Traffic police which ensures that the weight of heavy-duty vehicles doesn't exceed strict standards

Client’s Problem

By law all vehicles’ weight checks have to be in a paper form and signed. These documents are accumulated at the control points, some lost during transportation and are archived with a huge delay. As a result, the costs of logistics and data processing are inadequately high In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the operation of control points, on-site inspections are required


  • Organize documents digitization which were done manually in the first place, in order to create one online database
  • Provide traffic police with clear statistics


Developed a monitoring system for the operation of mobile transport control points from scratch

What’s been done

  • Studied the processes and thought out the solution architecture
  • Developed client’s application for automatic digitization and paperwork transfer
  • Deployed a database on the client's servers
  • Launched text recognition service for all paperwork
  • Implemented automatic distribution and installation of updates on clients devices
  • Developed user-friendly web interface
  • Prepared updated infographics on the work of transport control points to look at for analysts


Just in the last 3 months we formalized the process of weight control, updated database with more than 130,000 archival files and started processing new documents

We provided:

  • remote monitoring of the work of points of mobile transport control;
  • digitization and preservation of all paperwork;
  • automatic reporting

Client could clearly evaluate employees effectiveness and dynamics of violations. The traffic police database has more than a million documents from now on and this number continues to grow.


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