How to use existing recommendation engine and improve it in order to enhance user experience by removing junk and assisting with relevant data


Companies that need to set the priority and resources to reach potential users.

Client’s Problem

Need for managing multiple channels and improves customer satisfaction with a single solution. Make it possible to track and order the products and manage the production channel according to customer’s demand. Being capable of knowing the most selling products and handling the remaining ones.


Automate all processes in order to save valuable time and other important resources by developing a software application that would prove to work effectively.


Developed web and mobile software application based on SaaS that consolidates all business channels. Created a service provider for shipping management, sales orders, inventory, and software that easily integrates all business functions with single software.

What’s been done

  • Developed an efficient yet simplified management system
  • Real time inventory reports
  • Different analysis methods to to gather data
  • Centralized inventory visibility and actions.


Came up with cloud based shipping management, sales orders, and inventory software that helps manage massive channels.Manual tasks are now being automated which saves valuable time. Revenue has experienced noticeable boost.


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