How to come up with Android/iOS app to help connect the buyers, agents and sellers and provide them with an amazing mobile experience on the go


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Client’s Problem

For expanding its reach, client realized the need for the development of a mobile app for both platforms (Android & iOS). The challenge was to build a great mobile experience and provide unrestricted access to the real estate platform at any time from anywhere using a smartphone. Company offers the widest selection of apartments, houses, holiday resorts, and lodges thus the client wanted a powerful backend to store property information and display at the same time.


Create an app that would accommodate all clients needs.Help users make a quick purchase decisions via implemented reviews and property ratings available in every section. Add messaging service and unified dashboard and implement geolocation services.


Added direct messaging feature, so that users can instantly connect with sellers and agents for pre-bookings or additional information. Third party caching services are used to deliver swift performance and delightful user experience. Added geolocation services in the app help buyers to shortlist their properties efficiently.

What’s been done

  • Came up with an efficient way to shortlist properties via geolocation services
  • To keep users up-to-date, the app offers a dedicated section which includes the latest property news, interior designing tips, home improvement advice, investment guidance and much more
  • Through the app, estate agents or sellers can smartly put the property details along with pictures to conveniently connect with buyers around InDome
  • Automatic notifications are sent to buyers if any property is available for rent or lease. Also, they can create alerts for favorite properties


InDome is one of the largest real estate apps that serves as a common platform for buying and/or selling properties in several locations. One of the unique features of the app is built in bond calculator which gives the buyer an opportunity to calculate the amount of home loan beforehand. Unified dashboard including messaging service gives users the ability to get real-time updates about the property listings on their chosen area/location.


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