How to manage tasks and control employees work using just one
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The Federal Treasury - one of the departments of the Ministry of Finance. Executive authority providing control over the distribution of state budget funds

Client’s Problem

The Treasury used a platform based on outdated technology that wasn’t coping with the increased demand. The client lacked speed and the ability to independently configure the platform. These inconveniences negatively affected the performance of the state body.


  • Simplify and speed up customer planning
  • Ensure the efficient distribution and redistribution of tasks among structural units of the Treasury
  • Establish real-time monitoring of the tasks


Developed a new system for planning and monitoring treasury employees’ activities which takes into account the structure of the client’s departments, allows client’s management to independently adjust work processes and works with high load.

What’s been done

  • Together with the client’s analysts, thought out the logic of planning and collecting information about tasks
  • Designed a convenient interface for data entry
  • Implemented a custom hierarchy of projects and tasks of which they consist
  • Set up report gathering which is presented in the form of graphs and charts
  • Conducted load testing and optimized slow operations
  • Organized acceptance tests and launched complete system

Federal Treasury Project Portal

Cloud based system for planning and monitoring government employees’ activities


The project portal has become a unified information environment for all client’s employees. It allowed to accelerate the implementation of projects and reduce the reaction time to their adjustment.

Visual statistics made the Treasury work processes more transparent and allowed to identify planning errors at the early stages before their consequences entail significant damage.

  • In a period of one year, 300 projects are carried out in the system that contain more than 14,000 tasks
  • The project portal is simultaneously used by up to 5000 users throughout the country

We continue to support the system, while with its help financial control is carried out throughout the whole country.


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