How to develop a platform that helps small businesses effectively sell their products to customers worldwide


Entrepreneur and businessman looking to invest.

Client’s Problem

The Client wanted to foster an environment where sellers can sustainably grow their businesses competing domestically and in the global market.


Come up with a user-friendly and aesthetically appealing solution which would attract both sellers and customers. Final aim is to create a modern and easy-to-use eCommerce platform empowered with all the instruments for a proper stores management.


Following the Scrum methodology, we have created custom application from scratch. The solution was empowered with all essential ecommerce functions available on both back and front offices.

What’s been done

  • Product catalogue with search and filter functionality;
  • Customizable profiles for buyers and sellers;
  • Chat with sellers;
  • Featured product analytics for sellers;
  • Analytics on website sales for admin;
  • Refund functionality;
  • Customizable banners on home page.


As a result of our work, client got a technologically savvy system which provides small businesses with a marketplace, and generates profit based on fees from transactions. Finally, our custom solution made it possible to increase the flexibility of the system which can be easily upgraded according to the future business requirements.


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