How to systematize, control and simplify the legal support of a large number of projects


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Client’s Problem

Clients products include thousands of libraries, frameworks that need to be checked for patent purity The problem is exacerbated by:
  • colossal amount of code database and constant changes in it
  • periodic adjustments to license agreements
  • large number of employees involved in the work
  • mistakes made by inattention
  • the complexity of communication between company departments
All this creates redundant processes, delays the release and often forces developers to seek replacement for components already integrated into the product

Main aim

  • Streamline new software testing for products for patent purity
  • Optimize the internal processes of the legal department of the company
  • Facilitate administration and make processes controlled


Formalized processes of the client’s legal department using an information system adapted to the business processes.

What’s been done

  • Created catalog of all projects and elements of which they consist
  • Divided all system users into departments and functional groups
  • Reflected client’s regulations and procedures in the architecture of the system
  • Gave management the opportunity to set priorities and indicate the level of importance of the various components of the product
  • Based on the estimates complex inheritance system was built for automatic calculation of patent purity
  • Introduced the function of automatic report generation

System for project’s legal support

Development of an information system in order to automate work with numerous intellectual property objects


Streamlined and well-developed process of working with intellectual property

  • control and monitoring of the implementation of the EULA (End-user license agreement), patent purity, documents for conducting legal examination and technical requirements for the project
  • automatic generation of Legal Notice and requirements for third-party code used in the project
  • reporting system
  • simultaneous work of 2500 users
  • simultaneous management of several thousand projects


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